Antarctica bombshell as ‘master PYRAMID' found on satellite image

EXPERTS believe they may have found an ancient pyramid hiding among the mountains in Antarctica.

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 CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education, India) New Syllabus of Informatics Practices (065) for Classes 11 and 12 for Session 2020- 2021.

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Class XII Session 2019-2020 Informatics Practices-(New)  Sample Paper,   Marking Scheme

Notes for Class XII (Session 2019- 2020) of Software Engineering-I,  Software Engineering- II

Notes of Communication and Network Concepts Class XII (2020-2021) Informatics Practices (065)

e-Book of Information Technology (402) for Class 10

For Class10 - Notes of Chapter: Communication Cycle, Feedback, Principles of Effective Communication and 7Cs